Monday Meal Prep

I was naughty at the weekend.

I confess – I had wine, grilled halloumi, a Chinese takeaway and a Harvester…No wonder I can’t shift the pounds…So that’s it, starting today I am ‘back on it’ and it all starts with meal prep.

In order to kick start the week in the right way (remembering my previous post about being an ‘all or nothing’ girl) I prepped all the salad for the week on Saturday, separating it all into plastic containers, which in theory should make my lunch prep this week just that little bit easier…no fuss the night before, just grab a few bits from each container, a handful of pre-cooked Quorn and a drizzle of chilli sauce and I’m good to go…in theory.



I say in theory, because I am a nightmare about 4.30pm/4pm when I fancy a cuppa tea after my lunchtime workout at the gym and head to the biscuit cupboard at work, but nope not this week – I am on a mission and I’m going to stick to it. I hope….Give me strength!

I’m going to do a weigh in Friday morning, which I’ve not done in several months, so I am hoping it wont be as mad as I think – or at least I’m hoping it wont be after this weeks efforts!




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