All or nothing

Is anyone else a bit like me? Have an all or nothing attitude. I wish I wasn’t like this I really do, but for some reason there is a part of me that thinks ‘if I’m going to be good, I’m going to be really good – unbreakable in fact’ which in theory works well, except on the flip side if I’m bad…I’m really bad.

For the last couple of months I’ve been running – almost daily around four miles, which I would consider is pretty good really. Not everyday, because, well to be frank I’m not a machine, but I run on average around 18 miles a week. This is all well and good until something happens that prevents me from running said mileage – be it a cold, work commitments or our very active social life, but whatever it is, if for whatever reason I stop running, that’s it – game over. I eat and drink whatever I want and coupled with the lack of exercise just means I pile on the pounds and piling on the pounds means what? I get down.

I really wish I wasn’t like this, but I wonder …is anyone else an ‘all or nothing’ person?


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  1. Coach Hami says:

    The fact that you know you do this and you’re writing it down tells me your on the right path. But I’m not sure if that’s the problem, most people have this all or nothing mentality. Why do you stop running now and then and do you really, really enjoy running or are you forcing yourself?


    1. glampawaysmedia says:

      Thank you Coach Hami – I’ve picked the running up this week – so far I have done 12 miles and trying to convince myself to go and do another 4 today. I do enjoy running when I’m obsessed with it – i.e I have to run, but when for whatever reason I lose motivation or can’t run, then the drive to keep going is so hard…any advice would be great. Thanks again x


      1. Coach Hami says:

        Personally if I get demotivated from the gym I reduce my caloric intake quite a lot to not gain weight. Do you know that you can loose weight without exercising? That just because you stop running you can still maintain or loose weight. Do you have any other energy requiring activity you can do when you don’t run? Overall I believe you need to work on more enjoyable and flexible meal plan that enjoy and can stick to.

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  2. badveggie says:

    Thank you for your advice – I need to start finding a plan that suits my lifestyle more and I think your idea of lowering the calorific intake on non-work out days is important and something I hadn’t really thought about so thank you. I only run really because I can set myself a mileage goal and ensure I stick to it in the gym as opposed to doing a general workout at the gym and depending on how I feel that day depends on how hard I push myself. I thought running was really good for weight loss, no? x


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