Holland and Barrett bargain!

I found such a bargain yesterday when I frequented my local Holland and Barrett store. I often just like to browse around the shop as I find shopping for ‘alternatives’ very fascinating – although I often can’t purchase because it’s too expensive – )Although I’m not a vegan, I’m desperate to try ‘alternative cheese’ just to see what it’s like and have not yet brought myself to try vegetarian fish – the thought makes me feel rather queezy….baby steps I tell myself lol.)
Wondering around the shop in Southampton yesterday I was delighted when I found Handmade in Devon Tofu reduced from over £2.50 to just 39p. Admittedly it was out of date that very day, but I wasn’t put off by this because I reasoned that a) 39p wasn’t a lot to lose should I not like it b) if I was conscientious enough to cook it that same day, I could freeze it so I brought two packs – for under a pound as well! I revelled in my delight.
I opted for the marinated blocks of tofu instead of the plain original flavour (which was also on offer) because I knew by the time I got in from work, I simply couldn’t be doing with the fuss of putting the tofu in between two chopping boards to get rid of excess water, coating it all in a variety of spices etc – I couldn’t be doing with it. Having never tried this brand of Tofu before (I have only ever brought Cauldron’s tofu range) I added some garlic and soy. I cut the two blocks of tofu into small square chunks and baked it in the oven for about 25 minutes. I admit the result was immensely tasty – even more so than Cauldron’s marinated range. It was lovely and squishy on the inside and had a firm seasoned coating. My only gripe was with myself – It really didn’t need the extra garlic and soy – the marinade was a little too overpowering, but I’m pretty sure that was my fault. I managed to get four lunch portions from the two packs and after separating them in lunch bags, added to the freezer for convenience for next week.
As you can tell I am rather proud of myself!

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