How to get fit with YouTube!

Do you ever go to the gym and come out and think ‘what have I actually achieved in there?’ Yep me too. I also can’t afford a personal trainer to work out with me all the time, so I’ve started to watch YouTube videos from fitness guru’s and personal trainers such as Joe Wicks aka The Body Coach. This week I discovered the YouTube channel of Joanna Soh and I worked out to her fat burning video with treadmill intervals. It was excellent and I admit I woke up this morning feeling a bit achy which is obviously a good thing – it means I actually did something!
The good thing about working out to YouTube videos is that like with a personal trainer, you’re working out to someone else’s pace and having to keep up with a certain number of sets and reps as opposed to having an off day where you simply can’t be bothered, do ten minutes on each of the cardio equipment and go home, reasoning with yourself that you’ve done a good workout – deep down you know you haven’t. I wasn’t particularly in the mood to exercise yesterday, but Joanna’s tough fat burning video was just enough to make me sweat and come away feeling like I’ve really had a good workout, so I recommend this way of training a lot – especially if you haven’t got a gym membership or can’t afford a personal trainer five days a week.
Give it a go, it might pleasantly surprise you.

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