Avo-good breakfast (get it?)

I love avocados.

That’s it…bye! Only kidding…lol

I don’t think I even had tried an avocado till a few years ago, which is terrible really when you think I’ve been a veggie since I was seven years old. They contain the best fats you can have, which of course are essential for everyday health and maintenance and they are so super tasty.


This morning I had them mashed on toast for brekkie, with a sprinkling of salt and it’s honestly to die for…forget toast topped with sugary jam or the like and trust me and opt for half an avo on granary seeded toast and you will love it. It gave me so much energy I didn’t have my lunch till 2pm and I didn’t snack at all in between. I’m on a constant journey of discovering what my body needs, what fuels it, what keeps the weight down, but what also fulfils me and I have to say having this brekkie was better and more nutritious and delicious that any bowl of cereal you’ll have.

Last year I used avocado to make a Deliciously Ella chocolate pudding and its creamy texture was perfect to recreate a mousse desert. If you’ve not yet discovered the delights of these beauties, give it a go because you won’t be disappointed!



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