Feeling good is more important than looking good.

I went to a wedding on the weekend which is where the below and featured photos were taken and it was such a lovely day, but sometimes it’s only when a photo is taken do you see how differently you look compared to a year or two years ago. This is me with my husband Matt and two month old niece Sienna. They look great and I think I look okay, but compared to the below pic which was taken just before we got married in 2015 I look almost like a different person. It’s one of the reasons why I’ve decided to do this blog – not because I’m on a crazy diet or want comments from people making me feel better about how I look – I think I look fine, but it’s how I feel that’s the problem. I just don’t feel very good and I didn’t feel comfortable – like me – all day. It’s why I’m on a journey to learn to be a better veggie – in the hope that I’ll find a lifestyle that is well balanced, nutritious and sustainable. I’ve always been a terrible yo-yo dieter and through some experiments and lots of research and YouTube videos tutorials I really am going to try to be a better, healthier and happier vegetarian.




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