Meal prep

Like everyone else I’m on a new year health kick – not least because of the sheer volume of chocolate, pringles and wine I consumed over the festivities (but it was soooo good) The problem I have is that by the time I get in from work at 7pm I really can’t be bothered to spend too much time in the kitchen, so for me (at the moment at least) it’s all about the food prep. I’ve always been quite big on bulk cooking and freezing meals for those days that we all have when one simply can’t be bothered to cook, but this week I’ve taken it one step further to include bulk meal prep for lunch and dinners. I just find that whilst fresh food is the best, if you’re going to make a meal, you may as well spend time making enough for lunch the next day…makes sense right? I did go a bit OTT today though when I decided I would meal prep breakfast lunch and dinner to have at work. In my defence I did only do this because I’m going to a fitness bootcamp straight from work which starts at 7pm so my reasoning is that it would make sense to have my dinner about 5.45pm at work so I have enough energy to actually do the workout.
This photo shows what I prepped today:
Breakfast – tomatoes, mushrooms and a free range egg
Lunch – BBQ tofu and cauliflower rice (slightly burnt tofu) Made enough for tomorrow too!
Dinner – Garlic and paprika tofu, broccoli, steamed greens and caramelised carrots
20170111_084921I think the problem most of us have is prep – we want to be good, we have all the right motivation to do it,but lack the delivery. I am hoping that prepping meals in advance will save me time, money and above all keep me on my track of being healthy and losing a few pounds!

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