Hi and welcome to my website, BadVeggie.
That’s me by the way – Cheryl and I’m a bad vegetarian; not for any other reason than I think I’ve been a bit lazy to be honest. You see I became a vegetarian at the age of seven ( I was a very stubborn child) and I haven’t knowingly eaten a piece of meat since – that was 27 years ago. However what I also haven’t done is explore the kind of foods I should and shouldn’t be eating. I have never really up until the last year or so really explored different types of foods – I’ve stuck to the usual – Quorn as a meat substitute, cheese (obviously) and the usual kind of vegetables you find in your local supermarket. Up till a year ago I didn’t even know what Quinoa was – I know I told you I really am a bad veggie. However, over the last year I’ve really found a passion for food exploration. I have to be honest I am not a chef and not even really a very good cook, but I am on a mission – a journey if you will, to explore something I’ve dedicated most of my life too. I want to learn how to eat better, how to be more adventurous with my cooking and to make exciting and varied meals that my husband (who is a huge meat eater) will enjoy.
I am one of those people who love to dine out – to me there’s nothing lovelier on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon than finding a new restaurant or cafe that serves exciting food. Unfortunately so many eateries still rely on old-age principles of covering everything in cheese and thinking that us veggies will appreciate their efforts – wrong! It’s not healthy and it really doesn’t help with my constant quest to keep my weight down because believe it or not not all vegetarians are skinny. Don’t get me wrong it’s marginally better than it was in the 1980’s when I first became a veggie and not only was the sheer idea of vegetarianism considered odd, but restaurants almost always only had one meal on the menu which was tomato and basil pasta (I mean seriously) so I’m on another mission (I’m going to be a busy girl) to not only find the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants out there, but find other eateries that are just nailing their veggie options – it’s my belief that you absolutely don’t have to go to a vegetarian restaurant to get decent and quality veggie food.

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