New Year, New Resolution

I’ve been working out since I was 14 – literally. I’ve had every gym membership, done almost all diet plans, done boot-camps (including a week-long one with Gemma Colins from TOWIE) and had several personal trainers. The only time I have ever really lost considerable weight was when I got married in May 2015. There is almost no bigger motivation than finding your dream wedding dress and finding out it’s a dress size too small and guess what – they only had that one dress left. Yep – that was the position I was in when I found the dress late in 2014. I hired a local trainer by the name of Michelle Lewis in Waterlooville, Hampshire who totally understand the kind of yo-yo dieter I was. I think my biggest thing was I’ve never been big – yes I had a bit of puppy fat growing up and over the years had amounted some excess pounds, but none of it was drastic – I had always fluctuated between a size 10 and a 12 – that’s not bad is it? My wedding dress however was a size 8 and I loved it. It was beautiful. I could just about fit into it, but I had horrendous back fat and was very uncomfortable so I enlisted Michelle to whip me into shape and I tell you what I did it. Not only did I get in the dress, but I had to have it taken in because it was too big. I was over the moon! I had done it safely and healthily dropping the pounds over about five months to become a healthy 9 stone by our wedding day.
Unfortunately since then the weight has crept back on – at first just by a couple of pounds, then half a stone and now over a stone later I am back to facing the challenge of getting rid of the excess pounds that are currently occupying my waist and legs.
At the moment I’m going to the gym on my lunch breaks during work as there is a gym within a few minutes walk. What I do is either Hiit type training for around 35-40 minutes or I go into the studio and follow a YouTube channel which I find very helpful and motivating because it means I’m working to someone elses speed and efforts rather than my own, which is great for those days where you just feel a bit yuk. I really enjoy the Bodyrock, The Body Coach and Live Lean YouTube channels. I recommend giving it a go if you don’t own a gym membership, lack motivation or don’t fancy the idea of hour long gym sessions – working to one of these regimes is great because their relatively short, hard in intensity and they work. Give it a go – what have you got to lose? Pounds hopefully…lol

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