Why cheese?

Why cheese and tomato?

I don’t get it. I mean I do actually because I love cheese, but I don’t understand the insistance of restaurants and cafes around the UK to think that vegetarians simply want dishes covered in cheese. You’ll be hard pushed to find restaurants and cafes that aren’t purely vegetarian ones, to provide meals that are more exciting that vegetables covered in cheese, or something is predominately cheese based or, shock horror a tomato pasta meal.
I went to the Woodpecker pub recently in Cowplain, Hampshire and this was the meal offering – to my complete astonishment (not) the meal offerings were as predicted.
I just find it so baffling why non-veggies don’t understand that we can have what they have in a mock meat version – I would be the most loyal customer to a place that offered Quorn chicken burgers, or Tofu curry or something that’s simply more imaginative than this.
2016 saw a trend in venues offering dishes with halloumi and I tell you what it was a big deal – yes it was cheese, but at least it wasn’t a pile of veggies covered in melting cheese gloup, but come on people, get with the trends and please start offering us non-meaters more exciting alternatives.
Greatly appreciated in advance,

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