Dry January? Try this…

There’s one thing that almost all fitness professionals and nutritionists agree on and that’s if you want to be healthy you must drink water – and lots of it. This is not a problem for me because I genuinely love drinking water and not because I should, but because I really like it. However, I drink water all day and sometimes, just sometimes after a long day at work I get in and crave an alcoholic beverage like a wine or if it’s approaching the weekend perhaps a cheeky mojito. Now I’m not going to fib and tell you that these virgin mojitoes are as good as the real deal because they’re not – how can they be, when they miss the vital ingredient of booze, but when you’re on a diet/health kick and trying to restrict the alcohol intake you’ll do almost anything to replicate even a resemblance of your fav drink (I know how I sound btw)
My fitness trainer recommended this drink when I was dieting for our wedding day and I’ve been drinking it ever since. With just a few ingredients these drinks honestly are really good and so refreshing and I strongly recommend them if you’re getting fed up of plain tap water or just need something a little different – don’t reach for the bottles of fizzy drinks, try this – I promise you wont be disappointed.
All you need is:
– Bottle of sparking water (any brand)
– 1/2 lemon and 1/2 lime per glass
– Mint leaves (if you want to replicate the mojito flavour)
– Crushed ice


Cut the lemon and limes in half and make a cross cut in each so the fruits are almost split, but not quite. Squeeze the juices into the glass and add the sparkling water to three quarters of the glass.
Add the crushed ice and the mint leaves.
Add a straw for effect and if you’re craving a glass of vino I strongly recommend drinking this from a wine glass – sometimes it really is mind over matter!

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