Holland and Barrett bargain!

Bargain haul at Holland and Barrett!


Avo-good breakfast (get it?)

I love avocados. That’s it…bye! Only kidding…lol I don’t think I even had tried an avocado till a few years ago, which is terrible really when you think I’ve been a veggie since I was seven years old. They contain the best fats you can have, which of course are essential for everyday health and…

Feeling good is more important than looking good.

I went to a wedding on the weekend which is where the below and featured photos were taken and it was such a lovely day, but sometimes it’s only when a photo is taken do you see how differently you look compared to a year or two years ago. This is me with my husband…

Meal prep

Meal prepping can really help cut out bad habits and ensure you stay on plan!


Hi and welcome to my website, BadVeggie. That’s me by the way – Cheryl and I’m a bad vegetarian; not for any other reason than I think I’ve been a bit lazy to be honest. You see I became a vegetarian at the age of seven ( I was a very stubborn child) and I…

Why cheese?

I have never understood why restaurants and cafes around the UK assume that all veggies simply want something covered in copious amounts of cheese…we don’t!

New Year, New Resolution

Like most of the world, I too have a new years resolution…to finally find a healthy way of living that I can stick too!

Mock Meat

This is the excerpt for a featured content post.